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Govathon, the City of Atlanta's citywide hackathon by Startup Atlanta focuses on problems that affect the local government and the community.

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thumbnailThe City of Atlanta is constantly working to improve the way government serves the people of our city. In partnership with Startup Atlanta, the city's fourth Govathon, focusing on problems that affect the local government and the community, will be the cornerstone for sparking innovation, accelerating development and encouraging greater civic collaboration. I look forward to working with Atlanta's incredibly talented design and development community to bring new and innovative concepts to city government.
Thank You,
Mayor Kasim Reed

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Invest Atlanta and Startup Atlanta are partnering with the Atlanta Workforce Development Agency to engage citizens to solve local problems. The City of Atlanta's fourth Govathon, this hackathon will be developing solutions, specifically focused on economic and workforce development, using the experts from the community (you). We will be making everything from websites and mobile apps to designing other types of innovative products and services that can help the city and it''s communities. Some ideas will be completed and others will be prototypes, but you will be amazed at what we can accomplish in just 24 hours. The city is committed to continue working on the best ideas until completion.

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Technologists, developers, designers, subject matter experts, civic veterans, and city officials will come together and collaborate on ideas that make a difference for Atlanta's citizens. We will form teams based on interest in the ideas and the backgrounds of people in attendance. A wide array of expertise is needed, so come join in the fun. Feel free to pitch an idea below and come lead a team.


We are working for the good of the city and for fun, but thanks to our generous sponsors we will be giving some awesome prizes to the best performing teams.

Download the Rules. Subject to change.

When & Where

Friday, Nov. 14th, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. – Saturday, Nov. 15th at 3:00 p.m.

Atlanta Workforce Development Agency
818 Pollard Blvd SW
Atlanta, Georgia 30315

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We will kick-off the 4th Govathon on Friday, Nov. 14 at 6:00 p.m. The event will start shortly after the registration. Schedule is subject to change.


6:00 p.m. Registration
7:00 p.m. Welcome / Session Assignment
7:30 p.m. Govathon Brainstorming 8:00 p.m. Dinner & Govathon Pitches / Team Formation


8:30 a.m. Breakfast
12:30 p.m. Lunch
3:00 p.m. Presentations begin (Open to Public)
4:30 p.m. Awards presentation (Open to Public)

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Our emphasis is on problems that can make an impact for the city, but you can work on anything that interests you related to our city focus. We are interested in improving all aspects of the local government and community from city processes, crime, workforce, poverty and transit to education, infrastructure and local engagement.

Past Govathon projects
Data Sources

Submit an idea/problem

If you have an idea you can submit to pwalker [@] and we will add to the website or come on the day of the event with an idea and your pitch.

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Thanks to our generous sponsors for making Govathon possible.
Sponsorships for the 4th Govathon, Nov. 14-15 are still available. Interested sponsors contact pwalker [@]

Special thanks to our past Govathon sponsors: MailChimp, Chick-fil-a, Total Server Solutions, Socrata, NeadWerx, Microsoft, Kwanza Hall, Esri, College Football Hall of Fame, Resolute Consulting, iFusion Marketing, Digitas LBi, RHoK Atlanta, IxDA Atlanta, ShootProof, Joyce M. Sheperd, Atlanta Public Schools, King Screen, Venture Atlanta, Hypepotamus, ATDC, TAG

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Q: How many people and teams will be in attendance?
A: We expect about 125 people. We can't be sure since the teams are formed on the day of the event, but likely we will have between 10-20 teams of varying sizes.

Q: I am not a developer, can I attend?
A: Yes, we need people of all types to work on the ideas. In addition, we need designers, subject matter experts, testers, and people experienced with workflows and processes.

Q: What do I bring?
A: Anything from laptops, power cables, extension cords, mobile phones, tablets to sharpies, sticky notes and most of all great ideas!

Q: Can we work all night at the venue?
A: Yes.

Q: Who from the city will be there?
A: We will have officials and representatives from different departments on hand to help with identifying problems and to answer questions about the inner workings of the city.

Q: What kind of designers do you need?
A: Every type. From UX architects and UI designers to industrial and service designers can all help work on the problems.

Q: Is public data available?
A: Open data sources of any type can be used and we will be updating the Govathon Data Sources up until the day of the event.

Q: Will all problems/solutions be technical in nature?
A: While there will certainly be many solutions that have a technical side, you may work on city issues that can be solved without technology. There will be many developers on hand to work with if you can't code but want to work on an idea that has a technical component.

Q: Are there prizes for the winners?
A: Yes. We are working for the good of the city and to build a community of innovation, but thanks to our generous sponsors we will have t-shirts for all attendees and some awesome prizes for the best performing teams.

Q: Do I need to print out and bring a ticket to get in?
A: No. If you have registered we already have your info and we will have your badge ready when you arrive.

Q: Is there an age limit for attendees?
A: No. From high schoolers to senior citizens, we expect attendees of all ages and all levels to be able to contribute.

Q: Where do I park?
A: We will notify registered attendees of parking and transit options via email.

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The Govathon idea started out as a conversation at Startup Atlanta to bring the hackathon approach to solving problems for the city. We are dedicated to making this special event a success for all participants, the local community and the city of Atlanta.

Govathon Team

  • thumbnail

    Dr. Eloisa Klementich

    Govathon Co-Founder

    Dir. Bus. Development
    Invest Atlanta

    @Invest Atlanta

  • thumbnail

    Terry Allen

    Govathon Co-Founder

    Dir. User Experience


  • thumbnail

    Michael T. Sterling

    Executive Director
    AWDA City of Atlanta


  • thumbnail

    Luigi Montanez

    Founding Engineer


  • thumbnail

    Pierce Walker

    Business Development
    Invest Atlanta


  • thumbnail

    Rhea Nara

    Product Management


  • thumbnail

    Lillie Madali

    Deputy Director of Performance Mgt
    AWDA City of Atlanta


  • thumbnail

    Mathilde Piard

    Product Manager


  • thumbnail

    Didi Rentz

    Public Relations/Special Projects Manager
    AWDA City of Atlanta


  • thumbnail

    Kristina Garcia-Buñuel

    Policy Analyst/Research Specialist
    City of Atlanta

  • thumbnail

    Phillip Olaleye

    Director of Performance Management
    AWDA City of Atlanta

  • thumbnail

    Ralph Dickerson

    Sr. IT Analyst
    AWDA City of Atlanta

  • thumbnail

    Thaddeus Turner

    Youth Counselor
    AWDA City of Atlanta

  • thumbnail

    Tkeban Jahannes

    E-Communications Manager
    Mayor's Office of Communications


  • thumbnail

    Anne Torres

    Director of Communications
    City of Atlanta


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