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Govathon, a City of Atlanta's citywide hackathon by Startup Atlanta focuses on problems that affect the local government and the community.

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thumbnailThe City of Atlanta is constantly working to improve the way government serves the people of our city. In partnership with Start Up Atlanta, the city's third Govathon, focused on transportation, will be the cornerstone for sparking innovation, accelerating development and encouraging greater civic collaboration. I look forward to working with Atlanta's incredibly talented design and development community to bring new and innovative concepts to city government.
Thank You,
Mayor Kasim Reed

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Invest Atlanta, Startup Atlanta and the City of Atlanta are partnering with the Atlanta Workforce Development Agency to engage citizens to solve local problems. The City of Atlanta's fourth Govathon, this hackathon we will be developing solutions, specifically focused on economic and workforce development, using the experts from the community (you). We will be making everything from websites and mobile apps to designing other types of innovative products and services that can help the city and the community. Some ideas will be completed and others will be prototypes, but you will be amazed at what we can accomplish in just 24 hours. The city is committed to continue working on the best ideas till completion.

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Technologists, developers, designers, subject matter experts, civic veterans and city officials come together and collaborate to come up with ideas that make a difference for citizens. We will form teams based on interest in the ideas and backgrounds of people in attendance. A good mix of expertise is needed so come join in the fun. Feel free to pitch an idea below and come lead a team.


We are working for the good of the city and for fun, but thanks to our generous sponsors we will be giving some awesome prizes for the best performing teams.

Download the Rules. Subject to change.

When & Where

Friday, Nov. 14th, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. – Saturday, Nov. 15th at 3:00 p.m.

Atlanta Workforce Development
818 Pollard Blvd SW
Atlanta, Georgia

View Atlanta Workforce Development in a larger map

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We will kick-off the 3rd Govathon on Friday, Nov. 14 at 6:00 p.m. The event will start shortly after the registration. Schedule subject to change.


6:00 p.m. Registration
7:00 p.m. Welcome / Session Assignment
7:30 P.m. Govathon Brainstorming 8:00 p.m. Lunch & Govathon Pitches / Team Formation


8:30 a.m. Breakfast
11:45 a.m. Lunch
1:00 p.m. Presentations begin (Open to Public)
3:00 p.m. Awards presentation

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Govathon 2 Projects (Nov. 2013)

Projects from 2nd Govathon, Nov. 2013.

Our emphasis is on problems that can make an impact for the city, but you can work on anything that interest you related to our city focus. We are interested in improving all aspects of the local government and community from city processes, crime, poverty and transit to education, infrastructure and local engagement. Check out the projects from the 1st Govathon and the Data Sources to spark some ideas.

Projects from 2nd Govathon, Nov. 2013.

APS Bus Tracker (Atlanta Public Schools)
IOS application that enables parents to track the status of their child’s bus. The application will allow parents to enter the bus number, select the school/stop from pull down lists, and display information on the current location of the bus and status (early, on-time, late).
Team: M Cole Jones, Andy Pruett, Jack Reed, Raj Singh, Gregory Pierce, Michael Flanigan, Nicholas Holloway
Code on Github

APS Parent Portal (Atlanta Public Schools)
Create a “Parent Portal” resource that will provide parents with key school-related information. The single sourced Portal will give parents access to material about news, registration, meal pay, etc.
Team: Randi Miller, Hector Claudio
Code on Github

Residential Trash Collection Schedule (City of Atlanta)
Create a standard website with mobile capability that will track household garbage pickup on an interactive map (show routing) for COA residents. Ideally, the tracking will be close to real time, enabling a resident to know approximately when to expect trash pickup.
Team: Eric DeCoff
prototype | Code on Github

Atlanta Budget Explorer (Finance)
Build a budget query tool. Through the tool, citizens will have the ability to access and view the budget for a particular fund or department and also compare budget to actual expenses. The tool will also incorporate “what if” scenarios where users can edit and prioritize expenses and revenue.
Team: Jon Keltz, Robert Crocker, Conor Sen, Jarod Apperson, Bob Nguyen, Khia Jackson
Atlanta Budget Explorer prototype | Code on Github

Vacancy Property Indicator (Planning & Community Development)
An interactive map populated by census data.
Team: Stan Li, Qian Xie, Fengbo Li, Zhengyang Shen, Shan Li
VisAtlanta prototype | Code on Dropbox

Inventory Tracker (Public Works)
Implement a barcode equipment management system.
Team: Brandon Moody, Robert Schneider, Alex Pate, Christian Villegas
prototype | Code on Github

Instructional Technology Educational Center (Atlanta Public Schools)
Develop a site that will allow teachers to locate technology resources that are aligned with specific standards based on subject area, grade level and/or course.
Team: Ruthie Hassan, Tara Loftin, Puvi Rajan, Anna Cho
prototype | Code on Github

Incentives (Invest Atlanta)
Build a tool to allow users to put in their address and view incentives available to them based on their location.
Team: Randi Miller, Hector Claudio
Code on Github

Innovisions Build (Hartsfield Jackson International Airport)
1) Innovisions build-out based on supplied FRD a. Idea management system designed by DOA b. Endeavors to maximize ideation flow
Team: Pedro Queiros, Isabel Marques
prototype | Code on Github

Exception Report (Hartsfield Jackson International Airport)
Develop a tool to monitor point-of-sale purchases at concessions in Hartsfield Jackson International Airport.

Pension Benefit Calculator (Hartsfield Jackson International Airport)
Create a tool that will interface with the pension benefits database that will enable participants to query future benefits.
Team: Mitchell Lane, Jason Bishop
prototype | Code on Github

GEPP Database
Create a customer relations management database (CRM) that will track contact information (specifically emails) of pension participants.

Electronic Document Signing (Hartsfield Jackson International Airport)
Create a workflow tool for digital signatures. Originator will place a document in a queue for digital signature. Next, a signatory will sign electronically. Finally, the system will generate a report when the document has been signed.
Team: Andrew Neslon, Ying Yao, Larry Freil
Code on Github

Polls for Government
Polls for government, a platform giving users the ability to vote and voice their opinions.
Team: Orgesi Pandeli, Kleon Kita, Olgert Denas
prototype | Code on Github

Parking Availability System
Develop a system that will help motorists identify available parking spaces in garages.
Team: Dimitri Tarassenko, Julian Knight, Jon Pokrzyk
presentation | Work Document

Cycle Atlanta
Interfaces with route uploads, web interface, routes
Team: Mariam Asad, Mollie Taylor, David Bassendine
prototype | Code on Github

An app for Atlanta NPUs to keep citizens connected, know more about your NPU, when meetings are happening etc.

Battle of Boroughs
Telling the story of each borough. Build welcome kits, virtual battle, showcase the culture.
Team: Elizabeth Latta, Steve B, Richard Latta, Conner S. , Whit M, Landy, Erich H., Tucci, Monica M., Kirki, Artur
prototype | Code on Github

Find Your City Council Member
Create an App to find your Atlanta City Council member and district by address.
Team: Jordan Streiff, Gerry Pass
prototype | Code on Github

Vendor Application
Map that highlights what each vendor is selling.
Team: Nigel Cruce, Justin Miller, Manan Patel
Code on Github | Android code on Github

Predicting Crime
Take Crime data and predict the crime.
Team: Ram Prasad, Maria Stephens, Rhea Nara, Diane DeSeta, Felix Hu, Sharath Mekala
Research and Scripts

A website that lets people know where to go and how to get there. Any event that is civic focused.
Team: Matt Drake, Alex Oxford, Carson Britt
Municiplaner prototype | Code on Github

Adopt a School
Application to connect citizens to schools and the needs that each school needs. To crowd share the cost.
Team: Nigel Cruce, Justin Miller, Manan Patel
Code on Github

Help match the employee, employer and the skill provider

Mobile DL
Putting your driver's license into your mobile phone
Team: Izzo Wane
prototype | Code on Github

Homeless Income
Video Journal for Homeless People.

311 SMS
Ability to communicate with city customer service via SMS
Team: Steven Tellis, Mike Guardalabene

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Thanks to our generous sponsors for making Govathon possible.
Sponsorships for the 2nd Govathon, Nov. 15-16 are still available. Interested sponsors contact pwalker [@]

Special thanks to our inaugural Govathon sponsors: MailChimp, Total Server Solutions, Socrata, NeadWerx, Kwanza Hall, Esri, Chick-fil-a, iFusion Marketing, RHoK Atlanta, IxDA Atlanta, Joyce M. Sheperd, King Screen, Venture Atlanta, Hypepotamus, ATDC, TAG

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Q: How many people and teams will be in attendance?
A: We expect about 125 people. We can't be sure since the teams are formed on the day of the event, but likely will have between 10-20 of varying sizes.

Q: I am not a developer, can I attend?
A: Yes, we need people of all types to work on the ideas. In addition, we need designers, subject matter experts, testers, and people experienced with workflows and processes. Per the rules of City Hall, hackers can only work till 2 a.m. They must leave at this time and can come back in the morning at 8 a.m.

Q: What do I bring?
A: Anything from laptops, power cables, extension cords, mobile phones, tablets to sharpies, sticky notes and most of all great ideas!

Q: Can we work all night at the venue?
A: Yes. Hackathons are marathon events, so the venue will be open for the duration of the event for those that wish to work through the night though not required.

Q: Who from the city will be there?
A: We will have officials and representatives from different departments on hand to help with identifying problems and to answer questions about the inner workings of the city.

Q: What kind of designers do you need?
A: Every type. From UX architects and UI designers to industrial and service designers can all help work on the problems.

Q: Is public data available?
A: Open data sources of any type can be used and we will be updating the Govathon Data Sources up until the day of the event.

Q: Will all problems/solutions be technical in nature?
A: While there will certainly be many solutions that have a technical side, you may work on city issues that can be solved without technology. There will be many developers on hand to work with if you can't code but want to work on an idea that has a technical component.

Q: Are there prizes for the winners?
A: Yes. We are working for the good of the city and to build a community of innovation, but thanks to our generous sponsors we will have t-shirts for all attendees and some awesome prizes for the best performing teams.

Q: Do I need to print out and bring a ticket to get in?
A: No. If you have registered we already have your info and we will have your badge ready when you arrive.

Q: Is there an age limit for attendees?
A: No. From high schoolers to senior citizens, we expect attendees of all ages and all levels to be able to contribute.

Q: Where do I park?
A: The nearest & cheapest lot is just south of City Hall. Heading south on Washington St. cross Trinity St. and turn right after Trinity United Methodist Church. It cost $4 per day after 5 p.m. and on weekends. The lot is gated and you pay upon exiting.

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The Govathon idea started out as a conversation at Startup Atlanta to bring the hackathon approach to solving problems for the city. We are dedicated to making this special event a success for all participants, the local community and the city of Atlanta.

Govathon Team

  • thumbnail

    Dr. Eloisa Klementich

    Govathon Co-Founder

    Dir. Bus. Development
    Invest Atlanta

    @Invest Atlanta

  • thumbnail

    Terry Allen

    Govathon Co-Founder

    Dir. User Experience


  • thumbnail

    Pierce Walker

    Business Development
    Invest Atlanta


  • thumbnail

    Luigi Montanez

    Founding Engineer


  • thumbnail

    Lillie Madali

    Deputy Director of Performance Mgt
    AWDA City of Atlanta


  • thumbnail

    Rhea Nara

    Product Management


  • thumbnail

    Didi Rentz

    Mayor's Office of Special Events & Entertainment
    City of Atlanta


  • thumbnail

    Mathilde Piard

    Product Manager


  • thumbnail

    Phillip Olaleye

    Director of Performance Management
    AWDA City of Atlanta

  • thumbnail

    Kristina Garcia-Buñuel

    Policy Analyst/Research Specialist
    City of Atlanta

  • thumbnail

    Anne Torres

    Deputy Communications Director
    City of Atlanta


  • thumbnail

    Tkeban Jahannes

    E-Communications Manager
    Mayor's Office of Communications


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Govathon 1 Projects (Feb. 2013)

Projects from 1st Govathon, Feb. 2013.

1st Place
ATL Crime Blotter (Atlanta Police Department)
Application provides incident reports and crime maps based on crime data by type and neighborhood. Provides digital copies of police incident reports that can be shared via e-mail.
Team: John McSwain, Jeff Lett, Eric DeCoff, Major J.P. Spillane (APD), Lieutenant Neil Klotzer (APD)
Crime Blotter prototype screens | Code on Github | Download Code (Zip)

2nd Place
Park Find (Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs)
Site helps people search the 352 Atlanta parks not merely by location, but by amenity e.g. picnic tables, tennis courts, etc. Users can, for example, filter for dog-friendly parks, or those with playgrounds.
Team: Kate Godwin, Kyle Petrovich, Patrick Stoica, Drew Pak, Kevin Coleman, Rob Fine, Tom Cullen (Parks & Rec)
Park Find Application | Code on Github | Frontend Code on GitHub

3rd Place
Using an NFC (Near field communication) RFID tag or QR code, motorists can feed a parking meter from their smart phone. Even more helpful, the app delivers a mobile notification before the meter time expires. Users can then head back to their car, or refill the meter from their phone.
Team: M. Cole Jones, Christopher Walker, David Hillman, Firaz Peer, Ilena Banks, Laura Mitchell, Randy Mitchell, Rich Griffis, Shane Matthews
Code on GitHub

IA² (Invest Atlanta)
Invest Atlanta Incentive Access helps business owners and developers easily find economic incentives - from small business loans, to tax breaks based on location - a particular property might be eligible for.
Team: Brion Mills, Serina Howard, Kevin Fancher, Granvel Tate (Invest Atlanta)

FOR ATLANTA - Focus on Results Atlanta (Performance Mgt.)
Replaces ATLSTAT analytics with a more robust, customizable platform to visualize and compare city performance data so that the city can make better, informed decisions. Also, provides a public portal to this data so that there is more transparency with the city.
Team: Felix Hu, Rajib Singh, Josh Cothran, John Munro, Peter Jin, Emily Love (City), John Zimmerman (City), Sean Dunn (City)
FOR ATLANTA prototype | Code on Github

City Voice (Customer Service, City of Atlanta)
City Voice gamifies customer service by allowing citizens to rate the city customer service — from employees to departments. Public can vote/recommend a city employee for the good customer service they receive.
Team: Jennifer Demis, Jeremi Chrioni, Mario Clark, Maryrose Solis, Yvonne Dodd, Anitha Vadavatha, Mark Xie, Ric Geyer (City)

Vesta (GA Law for Homeless)
A web portal listing current available resources for the homeless and agencies working with the homeless. The portal includes information such as which shelters have available beds, who is serving meals and when, who has available clothing, who has available rental assistance, housing resources, legal resources, etc.
Team: Darius Riggins, Jenny Everett, Emmma Hetherington, Eugene Medynskiy, Sophia Voychehovski

AB (Atlanta Beltline)
A health tracking application that promotes the use of Atlanta's Beltline. It tracks the user's walking, running, cycling activity and route on the BeltLine. Users can see who else has checked in at the trail, what activities they are doing; and how crowded the BeltLine is at any given time.
Team: Linda Schwarz, Mallick Huggahalli, Nicholas Holloway, Jodie Locklear, Lisa Gordon (Beltline)
AB prototype screenshots | Code on GitHub

Vacant (Planning and Community Development)
Users send photos and street address of vacant homes and property to local government via tool. Helps city planning and developers identify pockets of blight for future development.
Team: Eldon Stegell, Jesse Rankin, Stefan Koenig, Andrew Nelson, Musa Siddeeq, Commissioner James Shelby (City), Rodney Milton (City)
Vacant prototype | Code on Github

Point A (Atlanta Street Car)
Point A alerts city residents and small businesses about street closures, construction, and traffic delays throughout the city so they can better plan when traveling through the city. City can add road closures in real time and is connected to a twitter feed for real time updates
Team: Reese McCraine (City) Point A prototype

Be Verified (Department of Finance)
Be Verified lists businesses near the person querying, via GPS, that had a valid business license, so anyone could verify that a business had a current business license.
Team: Logan Gray, Kevin Bandy, Alfonso Pinan (City)
Be Verified prototype site (Department of Finance)
City of Atlanta budget query tool. Makes the budget search-able, by department or fund type. Answers questions such as, "How much does the city spend on fire trucks"?
Team: Lukas Bradley, Michael Jezierny, Antrameka Knight, Alfonso Pinan (City) prototype

Red Alert (Department of Information Technology)
Help citizens report crime in real time and alert a close police officer. Officers have access to a crime victim map that also shows proximity. Officers can file police report through app with simple interface and comments.
Team: Rommel Garcia
Red Alert prototype

MeMarf (Idea Group)
Crowd-sourced thinking website brings together people with ideas, investors, brokers, and the resources necessary to launch an idea.
Team: Mark Flowers, Abdullah Bokhari, Ashia Sims, Daniel Flores
MeMarf prototype

City Zen
City Zen engages citizens to make make government participation easier. The website allows citizens to post petitions for government action and drive signatures via social media. It also includes an easy-to-understand, real-time feed of new legislation.
Team: Dustin Goodman, Peter Park, Brendan Isham, Peter Huddleston, Andrea Tramble, Angela Warner, Suvrat Jain
Code on GitHub

Gardener Exchange
Grow community, meet people

Civic Spaces
Recycle vacant storefronts and office space. Web portal connects landlords with nonprofits who could use the property for pop-up art galleries, meeting areas, or farmers markets.

Block Hero (Report a Pothole)
Application uses crowd-sourced data and pictures from citizens about potholes and road hazards to document and report to city's public works department.
Team: Michael Beyrouti, Samantha Mach, Andrew Ho, Vaughn Dabney, Sheefeni Hauwanga, Alex Lowe, Becca Posey, Elyse Klova, Kyle Azevedo, Havana Nguyen, Ramon Creese (City)
Block Hero prototype | Code on Github | Landing page on GitHub

Engage Atlanta
Idea portal allows communities to set up goals for civic projects and solicit signatures. When enough signatures are received, the project is made public so people may crowd-fund project.
Team: John Kirkley
Engage Atlanta prototype

Thanks to our inaugural sponsors for making the first Govathon possible.

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